Financial stress in the world (and taking care of horses)

Nancy asks about her horses, that have booth been very ill for some time.  She says, “I have realized through this how much I love them and how much I need and want them to be here.  I have put in as much time as I have been able to give, I have nursed them through bandaging, massage, and caring.  I have had wonderful vet care and I am feeling guilty about whether or not I have created these illnesses in them due to financial difficulties. About a year ago I spoke with the universe and asked if it was time form them to go as it is a very big financial stress at times.  With these vet bills I am once again scared about debt and money.  I do not want to be and so I would really like to believe that they will both get better and that money is not going to be an issue in my life anymore.  So I actually have two questions.
I love my animals and I want to believe that what we want we can have, and that my horse friends will be happy and healthy and so will my bank account.  Money problems seem to affect even the ability to love fully at times and that doesn’t seem right.  If this comment is not answerable I do understand as it is sounding a bit confusing when I reread it. I just don’t know how to explain my guilt and dilemma but I do know that I love Cheers and Sunny and I will do what I can to make them comfortable.  I do know that so I have learned something from this experience.  Any advice would help me.    

Dearest one, your guilt is not necessary, although it is a part of the physical world.  But understand that it is not guilt you experience, but intuitive ability.  You knew that these ones were having difficulties before.  It wasn’t that you had been somewhat overwhelmed by your life’s path.  It wouldn’t be that you were depressed.  But there are times when you feel exhausted with many of the burdens that you feel you must follow through with.
Your intuitive being grows more vast with every moment. The fact that you communicate with them is a  positive, not a negative.  So speak to them that you love them, that you are there for them.  And that you thank them for letting you know, not the other way around. You can affect your world by being negative or positive, it is true.  But in truth, this that you feel you have done, they let you know as a cry with in them.
These creatures feel their world. They know when there is disharmony around them and then they manifest to bring attention to it.  Very similar to how the human being does as well. You just felt misplaced amongst it all. You were not the creator, but the receiver of the energy, the understanding.  Be patient my child.  You do very well.
Nancy says money problems seem to even affect the ability to love fully at times.  Is that a truth?
Of course.  Many beings feel that if they just had pocket full of coins, there would be happiness and light.  It has nothing to do with it, in reality.  Your world right now is manifesting the burden upon the exchange of one to another.  It is not about money, but it is about the exchange, one to another, that there is an imbalance.  This is a large, large, chaotic energy that is present in this material, physical world.
When you say there is an imbalance, do you mean an imbalance so that some people have so much and other people have so little?
Yes, and too much emphasis is put upon it, thus putting it out of balance.  That it is the main focus instead of the true exchange, which needs to be heart to heart and being to being.
Yes, we put so much emphasis on material things.
It is quite a natural state to put that pain outside of you instead of realizing that it lies within the beings who need to be in touch.  That it is not enough.  It is a knowing that comes from not enough love.  Does this erase the need of money?  No.  But truly, if she releases herself from that, and it is only by choice, and concentrates on feeling that pain within, as being an emptiness, and not communicating, not seeing her deepest heart’s need, and her need to help others, she would find that the money would flow.  And it no longer would have to have a hold.  For there would no longer have an imbalance of that that needs the give and take, the ebb and flow that is and must be between beings that must be in your world.
You are connected, you are one.  You give so you should receive, that is what I speak to balance.  It can be words, energy, love.
Any final words for Nancy?
To enjoy, to laugh.  You love to laugh.

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