I have a question from Elizabeth, who wants to put her talents to good use. She is afraid, feels disorganized, and finds resistance in a number of places and doesn’t know if it’s her. She wants to socialize yet feels separate from other people. She feels lonely and wants some guidance.

Tell this blessed being that she is very evolved; has lived many lifetimes and has a very high vibration. Often beings of this vibration feel alone. They do not choose to be in large groups. They often feel more comfortable being alone and one with their world and their truth, their understanding. But it is a time in which she feels a need to be with others. Speak to her that she must hear her own truth within her being. This process is not something that happens overnight, but over a certain amount of growing and opening and distilling within herself her own understanding. And then she should seek others. Gently speaking it at first until she finds another being of similar vibrational state. These beings will not be afraid of her or remove themselves from her life, but will be drawn to her.

Tell her not to force this but that in true time, and in understanding of her being, they and she will be drawn together. That she must not force her understanding on others but then on herself, she must integrate it into her being. And as it flows through her like the brilliant light she is, it will call and beckon to those. And then she will find she has others to be with. There is no manner of the human existence that she cannot help and bring her truth to.

Elizabeth, it matters not if you be a sales clerk or one who gives spiritual healing and calls it thus. It does not matter. Being that that you are in any state does what you are. She need not focus on one part of life, but on all parts. True being is needed in every avenue of her path. Tell her not to be afraid of her own being, but to love it and to rejoice in its wisdom. To laugh at its wonder. She is an amazing being; full of excitement. Full of all the human frailties—for these are the strengths of a being.