Joy is feeling anxious about security for her family. She says, “During the last few years, my children and I have been through many challenges. The last few months have been especially difficult with many significant changes. So many question marks seem to hang over us and we are all feeling quite weary and anxious for some kind of sense of security. I have had to make some big decisions during this time and still have more to make. I worry about the impact this has all has had on us as a family, choices I need to make in regards to finding work or school for a new career direction, and also, keeping faith that life isn’t always so hard. It is tough to reconcile all that has happened and to keep hope for a better future. ”

Your fear is holding you back. You have all that you need to make choices–choices to move forward, to understand that there is a responsibility.

This young woman is fearful about her choices. She fears that she cannot make some, that she will in some way harm the children or their stability. She must understand the most constant thing in a physical lifetime is movement, change. It is being willing to be open and accept that that is presented. If one is filled with fear, one limits one’s ability to see that which is possible.

Movement is not something to fear my child. It is a good thing. It renews, it refreshes, it invigorates you. Make choices for that–choices of forward movement. Do not choose to go back to something that you know does not make you feel good. You know your truth within your being. Be not afraid my child. You are a strong, growing being. And the choices you have made to this degree, are perfect.

Each path has great work. That is why you choose to come. You have the ability to see. Do not limit yourself. There is great support all around you and allow your children to give to you. You sometimes overwhelm them in your need to give to them. In ways, see them strong and move forward.

Thank you. There is difficulty in our world to make choices to move forward that involve risk of not making enough money to support ourselves. I think this is a common concern.

There is much fear in the physical world. The fear itself draws that to you. For that is what you speak to your universe. If you fear you are asking more of it, then know that you are strong, that energy is particles, that the energies that is bound around you provide that what you ask for. It is not some childish fairy tale. It is truth. You are present in the physical domain to fulfill your promises, your tasks of learning. The abundance that is around you–whether it be the university of knowledge or great abundance–it is there. If you walk around believing it is not there, if you do not see it, you will not hold it, you will choose to look away from it. How to trust is to simply see how your world works, its cycles of renewal. Circles within circles.

You are going to see some very interesting things in your world. There is a rising up of the old, traditional belief systems that are going to clash against each other.

That sounds horrible.

Oh no. No, no, it won’t be the same, though it will have an element of negativity, of course. These things can be by the very young souls that choose to do the fighting. Your “new agers” are going to have a re-awakening. It is all about talking, communicating, needing to express. It is a huge promise in the physical world right now.