Funtastic asks if she is doing the right thing to remove the heavy metals from her body.  She also says, “How can I eliminate the fear and pain that I experience at times?”

By going into the pain, putting your power, our strength, that energy that you know as you into the pain.  Go directly into it.  And hold it there; the pain diminishes.  As to heavy metals, there are needs for them at times.  They help to ground. So worry not too much about them.  Eat things from  your world that that are alive and of high vibration, these things help more than anything.  And when you eat, eat life, eat love, eat joy.  Eat to fill the wonder of who you be.  And every now and then take a deep breath and laugh my child.  For laughter has energy to heal any physical body.  It is like champagne bubbles to your physical body.  It brings spirit to all parts.

She also asked about her cats.

All manner that she draws close to her she creates a great bond with.  It continues.