Rich Loving Joy writes:

Dear Ladies and Guides,

I am hoping you can provide some much needed guidance for my current situation. I know my dreams provide guidance/answers/direction but, lately, when I try to figure out what the message of or the guidance within the dream was – I feel more confused. What I am most wanting to know is what is the lesson I am most wanting to learn at this time and/or is it something from my past that I am most wanting to heal (as I am thinking that maybe they are one and the same). As always, your time is always most appreciated and thanks in advance.

The guide’s response:

Blessed one, you are seeking communion and it is right at your fingertips but your conscious mind struggles with it so.  You feel it must be in certain conditions, or certain ways, for it to be truth.  You have begun to trust again in yourself trying very hard to understand.  You see, the power of the mind is an amazing thing. It will clamp down and shut off all memories of certain place and time.  Then, at your will, you decide if you open that and understand it.  It will often come in many forms that are sometimes painful, sometimes disturbing, but most times it will be a confusing key to open that that is not yet known. It is known in a part of you, but not understood.  Part of integrating that into your spirit is what you are sensing and now feeling. Healing takes sometimes many lifetimes.

Healing is a process of putting it all in a harmony of vibration in your spirit.  I don’t believe you understand this in the conscious mind, but in spirit you do.  It is a part of the two energies of the learning and part of your being coming together to create a new energy.  And you might say a bonding with something negative makes you better?  Yes, it does. And so, you are in a time of confusion, of wondering, but don’t let it weigh you down.  Present it to your conscious mind as:  It is alright and give me an understanding to this.  Let the teacher within begin the lessons, unlimited. Don’t have an expectation conscious and let it be and know that you are a wonderful being, filled with love for others.  Have it for yourself in this process of wonderment.