JOANNA:    I’m interested in the idea of disease coming from a state of no growth, is that always the case?

GUIDE:      No, there are illnesses, viruses. When I speak of dis-ease or discomfort in the body it is created from a place of no growth, usually. You are very uncomfortable; you will create an avenue out.  It does not have to be this way. But you see you have free will, and free will gives you choice, and choice gives you growth. You can choose to not grow, not move, to stay put, look the other way, dig your heels in…and life will pass you by.  And in time, you will decay, and not move forward. Then your spirit will return, and see what occurred. You might see that perhaps you shouldn’t have stayed in that place of no growth. Or you can move forward. I know, it can be frightening. It’s certainly not impossible.  Movement is growth.