Dialogue With Spirit Guides – The Big Picture

For those of you who live on southern Vancouver Island, we’d like to share our plans for a second Dialogue with Spirit Guides event on June 11th, 2010. Jane will be onstage at the Belfry Arts Centre and will invite the guides to speak through her to answer questions from the audience. The focus of the dialogue will be on the bigger questions—things like life purpose, the planet, the environment, health and healing. Maybe you’d like to ask about social issues or religions and spiritual practice. Or terrorism, or life on other planets, or what happens after death–the questions are endless and this is a rare opportunity to ask them directly of the spirit guides. The evening itself will also be part of a big picture. Local filmmaker Krista Loughton and her crew will be filming the session for a documentary on Jane’s work with spirit guides.

We’re excited about the film aspect of this evening, as it’s a way to continue our work bringing the wisdom of spirit into the physical world. Audience members who are willing to be part of the film will sit on the main floor of the theatre. Those who don’t wish to be on camera will be seated in the balcony.

If you were at our event last October you’ll know that Dialogue with Spirit Guides is not a scripted event. The content of the evening will depend upon who is in the audience and the questions asked. But one thing is sure: the spirit guides’ love, light and laughter will offer a fresh perspective on our lives and can open our hearts and minds in a powerful way. We invite you to join us on June 11th to consider the big picture.

Tickets for this event are $25 and will be available in advance through the Belfry Arts Centre Box Office at 250-385-6815 and at the door. If you live nearby, please help us to get the word out about this event by letting your friends of co-workers know about it. We’re looking forward to a fascinating evening. Hope you can join us.

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