Desiring another grandchild

My husband and I were thinking about whether my daughter will have another child.    We also have a great grandchild on its way.   I was wondering if you could you speak about the beings that might come in?  I was wondering if we will have another grandchild, but I don’t want my daughter’s health put in jeopardy.  

Aye, I see what you are saying to me.  Your wee daughter will definitely have another child for your daughter for she has certainly decided that already.  You see dearest, conception, as you might think it happens and nine months later is a babe born.  Spiritual conception happens place years before.  So, there is actually a number of children lined up to be in your family.  And each one would be blessed to be part of your family.  Your great granddaughter, your great grandsons, they would all be honoured to be with you and all will be well.  I believe you are quite a mother yourself, loving, exuberant, tender, very, very wondrous.

Is there anything I can do to help my daughter with her health issues as far as stabilizing herself to have another child?

Always have open communication and know this one is as stubborn and she will do exactly as she wants to do.  But always communicate.  Even if you are angry keep talking and tell her that you love her as you do.  Bless you.

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