This question is from Barbara. She says she fell in love at first sight with a man she met six years ago and she believes he felt the same. Since then they have become very close, but he has been diagnosed with health issues that he will have to battle the rest of his life. She doesn’t see these health problems as a barrier to their relationship but he does. He has withdrawn from her and won’t respond to her emails. She is heartbroken and confused by this rejection. She wants to know if she’s made another bad choice. And she is afraid of trusting. She still has a great deal of love for this man.

This young woman is very confused. She wants very much to help, to heal, to support, to love. The man wants not to burden, or to ask so much. To stay in this relationship would be overwhelming for him. He is in a state of what in your physical world is called depression, feeling there isn’t a great deal of hope. She wants to give hope, wants to be close. This is a very difficult situation in which she must stay true to her understanding.

She speaks that she has made bad choices–speak this not child, for there is no such thing.
There are choices that create growth in many different directions. And growth, as you know, is always good. She has grown. She understands herself more than ever. She doesn’t conform to the rules and regulations of expectations in your physical world. In many ways she is dancing in two worlds. In her heart she is a free spirit with free choices but to the world she follows what is expected. So part of her says, “Yes I will accept that you will not see me.” But part of her says, “No I will never accept. What we have is separate from this world and very beautiful.” In lies this, her choice but it has been taken from her by his choice.

She must extend to him that he needs to find help for his being. The communication might feel that it is not going through. If she would say that you must find help for your being, to help you, to lift you, to see that that you are. Nothing is hopeless. All things have light and love in them.

Tell her at this time to make choices of great good for her own being. She tries so hard to fit into the understanding and acceptance of others. And now this great dilemma is very confusing for her. There are times when she feels she is caught in a cage and needs to be set free. And yet the cage is familiar and comfortable and is an accepted form in which the physical world has seen her.

Ancient one, do not worry of what the world sees of you. Be the light and love that you are….