Concern about electro-pollution in the world

A concerned mother writes:

I am very concerned about the global proliferation of electro-pollution, especially wireless radiation and how it affects children, pregnant women, and all living creatures.  I often feel disheartened that most people aren’t open to this message.  Can you give me some insight into this situation?


The guide’s response:

Would you be disheartened if they were blind and could not see the world that you see with such beauty?  No, my dearest, you would love them and have patience with them, and so do so with this.

Your truth is very much your truth.  It is true that all things in the physical world are a state of vibration and that anything that interacts with this vibration, especially energy forms, will create change.  The greater the amount of energy, the greater the effect.  This is not new to you nor to the great scientists in your world.  But because they cannot see it, it is like it does not exist. You, blessed one, know this not to be true.  There are many things that are not seen that can hurt many.

Continue your work, dearest one. Seek not only those that have the pulpit or the forefront to speak, but all manner of beings.  I know you are weary and tired of this, but it is true children are very much affected by the energy forms that surround them.  It can cause them fear and frightened states of being…or it can actually encourage healing.  There are certain levels of vibration that affect.

The constant bombardment by some to the very tender tissues of the brain can result in dis-ease, or destruction, or chaotic vibrations, thus creating dis-ease.  To the very simple elements of the creatures in your physical world are affected by them, and the fish that swim in your seas, to the birds that fly in your air are all affected by vibrational states.  And there is a great deal of it and it will be known.

Teach blessed one, do not stop.  It is your passion to help others. Forgive them for not seeing. Send them light and love in a vibration that you know and trust.  Understand that there are two sides to it.  Like all things in your physical world, a positive and a negative for all manner of things that create growth have this.  Blessed one, you are one with great energy.  Do not fear that your voice is not heard, for it is.


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  1. Funtastic March 25, 2011 at 10:52 am - Reply

    Much light and love to you all.

    I have a friend named Venita. She is my first female friend in quite a long time. However, I think we have grown distant lately, and I don’t really know why. Being a person who has had few female friends makes this change in relationship hard for me.
    Will you tell me why the relationship has changed and if I have failed in some part on being a friend to her. I would like to have more female friends that click like she and I did.

    I met her at a church but I do not share all of the beliefs of the church. I do not think this matters to her, but I do have some concerns about being accepted in general by the members of the church if they knew about my religious and spiritual beliefs. It is difficult because I have had some of my needs met at this church but yet I have to keep hidden the beliefs I have that conflict with the church beliefs for fear of rejection and judgement. What advice can you give me on this?

    Thank you

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