Concern about a sister who cannot eat

Maurice writes, “This question is not for me but for my sister Suzanne. She’s very sick, she can’t eat anything.  Every time  she eats, she gets cramps.  The doctors said she’s got allergies, but she doesn’t believe it. Me neither. She’s very depressed about that situation. What’s her problem? Thanks.”

You are a blessed being for asking and being concerned.  But I must tell you, my dear one, you are only responsible for your own path.  So when it comes to one you love, you must do what you can do, but you cannot make them grow, or change, or do it for themselves for the true growth to take place.  You are a blessed being and I will help you in this way, by telling you that it is not allergies. This one is filled with anxiety.

This dear sister is needing to be in touch with a very deep inner pain.  Some things have happened to her in her life and her body is trying to manifest to bring her attention to it.   She should feed her body like she would a newborn child.   For it is back to childhood she needs to go with her memories, her feelings and being open.

She should eat lovely broths and warm, well cooked things that are comforting and soothing.  And she mustn’t worry about it so much.   She will nourish her body.  She isn’t creating enough enzymes right now for large digestion of heavy proteins.  But simple ones and gentle things she can most definitely absorb, and she is.  She needs to feel the pain that is in her body.  You do not even know about it but yet you feel almost guilty about it.   You need to allow her to speak to find a voice for the pain within her.  There are things that have occurred in her life that she has not told you or anyone.  Perhaps if you read this to her she will open up to you.  Do not be afraid.  Where there is healing, there is always hope and there is always love.  Bless both of you.  You are doing very well.

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  1. Donna August 5, 2010 at 9:21 pm - Reply

    Hello – can you shed some light and understanding on the big picture of my family. Are there still ongoing promises or learning within the family I was born into. Heartfelt thanks.

  2. Ken August 5, 2010 at 10:50 pm - Reply

    First let me tell you I am a firm believer in life after death. I have searched for many years, through various methods, to contact the ‘other side’.
    Recently I have had a loss very close to me. It was a tragic, unexpected loss. I have since questioned many aspects of my beliefs. Why hasn’t my dearly departed contacted me ? I have asked God for some king of sign, something…anything to tell my my loved one is all right. I have tried to make contact. I have prayed every day for the soul.
    Sorry for rambling on. I have now given up on any chance I have of contacting my lost soul. I have never professed to having a gift, I guess I’ve just been so very vain as to hope that, losing someone so close, I would be able to connect with that soul.
    I don’t know what to do, or if there is in fact anything I can do. Has all my belief in life after death been so wrong?

  3. maurice August 6, 2010 at 5:41 am - Reply

    only to tell yu that! thanks to share your gift with us. THANK YOU AND ALL THE SPIRITS OF LIGHT FOR THEIR LOVE AND UNDERSTANDING!

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