Concern about a grandchild in an abusive home

Sandra writes:

I would like to know if there is anything I can do to help my daughter. She is in a very violent relationship and I worry about her safety and especially that of my grandson – he is 6 and doesn’t have a choice about living in an abusive home. For a young child he is a very wise soul and I feel he is destined to help a great many people in this life, but I worry about how this will affect him.

I believe that everything happens for a reason, but I have a hard time with this. I have felt for a long time that my daughter won’t live to old age and I worry that she will die at her boyfriend’s hand. Please tell me if there is anything I can do and if my grandson will be okay.

The guide’s response:

Blessed one–as grandmother, a great mother, a mother of mothers–you see all and understand the situation and you see what might help it.  For the direction in which it is going, to wisdom of being, your time on the physical plane and the bond with the beings in the situation—all this gives you the greatest insight.  Never doubt this blessed one!

And so, speak your truth in any manner or way to any being that will hear it.  Take action always to protect those that have not the ability to protect themselves.  It is almost as if you saw someone very ill lying on the sidewalk.  Knowing that lying there was more harmful to them, you would help them find a place to be safe, to be warm. Do so for your grandchild.

Is there danger at hand? You are seeing that there are opportunities, opportunities for harm to come.  Not that it will be, or that it is set in stone.  This is what you speak to your child about.  And that your great love for this one is and shall always be.  Judge not, see not that that will be, but trust in the love that is for your daughter.  And be present and step forward in all opportunities.

Do not trust that the daughter will always know what is right for her child. Understand the need of care and that you must protect the child.  But you being the greater mother know more about how this child needs to be seen and heard.  Do so to protect.  You feel this child is yours—so protect, love. I know you want to hear that this child will be safe.  But you hearing would not even hear because you are so filled with fear.  Be present in the life of this child and it will bring you peace.

There are many actions in your physical world that create growth.  But this does not mean that you should always stand by and just watch it.  Understand that you are responsible for your own growth, but there are times when those that cannot care for themselves need the help of others, whether that is through teaching or actual protection.

Sometimes this protection will come through words or speaking one’s truth.  And sometimes one must stand between them and the fire that they may be walking into.  If you are strong and can do so, through the love of self and the opportunity of growth, then stand between them and the fire.  For if you believe in you and the love that be, fire will never burn you.  Your soul will always be.   Bless you.

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