Company’s Coming

It’s been ages since I’ve had friends here for dinner. Old friends, actually my first spiritual circle. I’m asking in the name of the highest, the brightest, and the purest for a chef that is an Italian Being to assist. I’ve done this forever. Ask and you shall receive.

“A big pan, lots of olive oil, wonderful garlic,” he tells me, “It’s the cure for everything.”

“As you warm the oil, you should be able to smell the aroma of the olives,” he continues to instruct.

“I’m wanting to hear opera, well, something Italian,” he says.

“Brown the tomatoes separately from the meat. Add a pinch of red chilies and salt and sugar. Every ingredient should be browned and seasoned before being put together. Watch it, move it on the fire,” he continues to share.

Cooking, he tells me, takes your attention, your love.

“Be sure to taste it. Oh, to taste. Taste it for me,” he says! “You are all blessed to taste and eat wonderful food.”

Taste and smell are senses that are only in our domain.

Oh, did I mention, he said you must have wine?

“Open the wine!”

Oh, those wonderful Guides.



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