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Barb – I want to know if my relationship with my daughter will improve as I feel it has really deteriorated in the last little while. Can you shed some light on this please?

The love of a mother for a child is an amazing bond but it can still have complications.  You must speak always from your heart and do not stop speaking. Always communicate your love.  You no longer need to teach this child.  You do not need to protect this child.  But this child sees you as someone who is not able just to allow her to be.  Perhaps if you told her that you admire her as a woman and see her strong; perhaps if you spoke in not to change her, but to be and to love her, would help.  If you could speak from your heart and your tears instead of from your head, dearest Mother, it can heal.  Keep talking and keep loving.

This bond will never disappear even if you are separated.  That bond created is never destroyed.  It is an interesting thing that people feel if they are not in a relationship, if the  person is no longer with them each day, these bonds are made they are not destroyed.  I believe that some of your scientists have told this that energy created cannot be destroyed. It will last forever.  It goes on forever.

You may lose the ability to speak in this life, but the bond will stay and it will go on and on.  So, know this dear mother.  Send from your heart your love for this one and your acceptance. Thank you for being a mother.

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