Wendy commented on our image of circles within circles. She referred to something called the flower of life. Do you know about this? This symbol?

Yes, there are many symbols, many reflections of inner knowledge in the physical world as it relates to all parts. This was an ancient thing that was created–that many of your mathematicians (your people that love to prove these things) have understood. It is a circle within a circle, no beginning, no end—constant movement. All of these things are symbols of your spiritual understanding.

Yes, there is something very powerful about circles, very ancient.

Yes, and you are going to be learning more and more about this in your physical domain. That is why this symbol has been brought forward many times. It means many different things—and one.

I’m thinking of Stonehenge and other ancient structures that are reflected everywhere.

In the planet, in the many systems in your world, in the cell, in all of these things, there is the great symbol—a circle within a circle. That many times you will come back to the same place within a circle, but all has evolved. The energy within it has moved. It is a wondrous symbol.

Thank you.