Fern has a question for the guides.  She asks, “Is there a momentous change coming in the year 2010 to earth and all of us?”

It is already in process.  There are many changes at hand in your physical world.  There are certain fire storms on the great sun that warms and creates good energy for this planet that causes a disturbance in what is so important in your world right now, which is your electrical, and your transmissions of energies.  This will cause some disruption in your physical world.

What this one actually wants to know is the spiritual upheaval, and growth and movement.  It is very much at a precipice of great change right now.  You will see it.  You will see wondrous things happening and horrendous things happening.  Many things will be created through the physical changes in the physical world, which is a creation which is so for your growth if you understand what I speak.   And so yes, change is at hand.  There is nothing to fear at all.  All things can be grown and moved through with choices that are right to your vibrational state.