MAK writes, “I’m an avid follower of Eckhart Tolle and, like him, feel that human consciousness is shifting at a rapid pace and will force humans to evolve in necessary ways. There is also much speculation surrounding the end of 2012 regarding humans and the Planet Earth. Do you foresee any significant changes after 2012 and will they be beneficial for both the planet and humans.”

Yes, to all of your questions, my dear. There is much ahead. 2012 is a number created by mankind to give structure and control through these things. The amazing physical dimension was created for your growth. It would not do for your growth, for it to disappear. There will always be upheavals and changes and movements, for that is the constant element needed to create growth. Be not afraid, but embrace it with great excitement. Know that all beings are growing and changing, a new age, a new thinking, a new dawn. But you are present in it at this very moment. Do not fear what is ahead. It is now.

Eckhart Tolle is a wonderful teacher, a blessed being of light. He has come to teach that all things are possible.

Is he one of the ancient ones?

Yes. But you are even going to see brand new radiant beings evolve and become ancient. And, at first, very few will follow, or listen. They will wonder how such a new being could have such wisdom? But, it can be. So, doubt not, but hear all and trust that you will know your own truth.