A continuation of our conversation from yesterday.  Donna asked if the rise and fall of the stock market can be related to the solar flares.  She had seen a graph showing a correlation.

Does it have anything to do with the solar flares and magnetic energy?

Guide:   Yes.  Your whole physical domain is rising and falling.  It is all an energy movement, back and forth, up and down.  You are all energy.  You are all moving at different rates.  Every cell in your body has a different rate of movement, a vibrational state.  It can be listened to as a song.…  Ah, I’m going too far for you.

So the vibrations that you talk about of the solar flares or the moon or the weather patterns, we are affected by all of these?

Yes.  And you affect them.

So, is that accidental, these solar flares or is there an element of consciousness?

There is an element of chance in the physical world.  These are purposely put in motion but as to when and how the come—unknown.  But that creates growth.  It’s like your earthquakes and the heaving and retreating of your oceans. The power in these affects many things.  Yes, of course, solar flares.  Even meteors.

Does the sun have a consciousness?  I think of the earth as having a consciouosness and awareness.  Do all stars and anything with life?  Is there an awareness?

Yes.  There is a vibrational state, if this is what you call an awareness, yes.  Do they grow at the same rate that you do?  No.  But they do grow.  They vibrate.  They are alive.  They are created for growth.   Your body is created for your growth, but your spirit—it quickens by a different method. You create you physical world that you need.  It’s as if you set in motion a great plan that in this path or lifetime you will learn many things.  So they will be presented under an element of chance, with the coordination of other beings or perhaps vibrational states.  And they all coincide.

A very long time ago you were told about the lace makers.  They put in all the different threads as they move along and it creates a beautiful pattern.  That is what your path is.  As to wanting to know which one is more powerful, think of it not as this way, but as just part of the great pattern of your path.  You will enlighten it as you wish to put light on it.  It will be present in every little nook and cranny—the things that you must learn.  That is why there are repeating patterns.