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GrowthWondering one writes:

I would like the guides’ advice about how the western world, and we as individuals, should deal with the brutality, violence and apocalyptic goals of the ISIS movement in the Middle East.

Their beheadings, burning alive of the Jordanian pilot, their smashing and destruction of ancient artifacts and their goals of spurring an “end of days” nihilism is appalling and bewildering. Boko Haram rivals them in brutality and destruction. How do we deal with groups like these, and the people who are drawn to their destructive agenda without resorting to violence to obliterate them. Or do we need, in fact, to fight violence with violence?

A wise and loving entity that has spoken before and who we call The Teacher responds. To listen to this message click here Guide.

Hello. I know, many texts… many texts say violence begets violence. And that is truth. The greatest way to dissolve evil is love. Evil does exist in your world right now. They are new souls that want attention, that want simply to flail about without any true thought. They have not compassion or empathy—and what you need to do is love them. For love is the greatest power, to stand together, to be strong, to overwhelm those that fear and squander their energies in fear and fright.

The world has within it all that is capable of soothing this savage sore. For each of you, individually, as you live your lives, as you be that truth that you are, can affect this. Ultimately, completely, unconditionally, you can be the light and the healing that is needed.

There does need to be a line drawn in the sand that it is no longer to pass, this as acceptable in any way or form—but not with violence.

They mostly want to be heard, that’s why all the noise. New souls make a lot of noise. It isn’t all negative, but a great deal is. They want to instil fear and use it for control over you.

And so, what is their ultimate agenda?

Destruction. They have not the capacity to think it through. They have not realized that their state of life needs to at some point be calm to continue, to be peaceful, to be loving.

Violent groups dissolve. They do not continue. They cannot. Your world is a learning ground. They are great teachers right now. They are making middle-aged and young souls grow quickly. They are making them learn to be the truth. They will go through many processes in order to evolve. But because of many things in your world, it is upside down and inside out.

See this as a great opportunity to speak your truth, to act your truth, to walk your truth.

Can you talk a little more about the line in the sand and how we can draw it without resorting to violence?

All the countries that surround them should unite together to form a barrier. It has been done many times in this land; walls. But it doesn’t need to have physical sense. They will run out of food, they will run out of ammunition. There are things now that are occurring that you don’t even know about. You see, there is an umbilical cord that feeds this organism of negativity that must be cut.

Do you mean as a country, or a political group?

Yes. But each being in their own way must see the truth and must be it. You see, so many things are at hand; it is why you all fear. But do not fear. Put that away. Stand strong in who you be. Speak clearly of your truth. Do not take sides. Be that that you are.

This might sound very elusive, but you know large numbers of beings have an effect. It is an element of chance as well, but they have an effect. The energy can move, can create walls. Love them. Make a wall of love so great that it cannot be broken.

Those who gave their lives in the purpose of others to grow did not so in violence, but in love. That negative thought truly dislikes this. They will try and try to create greater horrific scenes. Do not let fear be part of it. Love them.

How do we help other people listen to this? 

You cannot make people listen. You present it, and be it, and live it. For that is how you teach it. 

Can I ask about the idea of the second coming ideology? What is behind that movement?

One of the Christ light is present.


In your world. Wherever needed, wherever called upon I am there. I told you some time ago, it is a time for new books to be written, new understandings. This is a time when all the old beliefs will fall and new ones will spring up. There is no Satan, but evil does exist, and it does create growth. But it does not have the ability to destroy love.

So we are very clear that we don’t fight violence with violence. I fear that that is the direction that the planet is going to be taking.

The planet isn’t taking it. Certain groups and entities might. But there also are many things at hand. You do have wise beings still helping this. It is not lost.

It can be disheartening to think that we cannot even take care of the harmless animals among us and we should be sending love to all peoples…

Yes, my dear. There are many things in your world, in your every day.  Live your truth—for you teach it.

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    I am currently searching for the right job and had some indication in my spiritual reading that the job will be something I never thought of doing. I need some guidance with this change in jobs – what area of work should I be looking at that would be more “hands on” and helping people?

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