DA – I’ve been experiencing what feels like muscle spasms in my head.  My doctor did a full neurological exam as I was very concerned.  My doctor believes that it is a type of headache.  I haven’t physically experienced anything like this before and am still feeling uncertain.  Do you have any guidance please?

Hello my dear.  In fact, my dearest one, you’ve actually had a toxic reaction, almost to say you have been somewhat poisoned where you have been in your place of work. There have been toxins in the air that you are mightily sensitive to.  You’ve often thought why do you feel nauseous at certain times there.  There are the cleaning products that they use that causes you to have a toxic reaction.  In fact, you could even have a small seizure for that is basically what you have felt it was.  Of course, your medical society yet is not able detect this nor willing to look at the whole situation of your being.  But I will tell you my dearest one that it is important to have fresh air near you while you be in these places and try to dilute any kind of cleaning solutions that is used.  It is mostly what they spread upon certain surfaces to clean dust, something that you need to be aware of and to guard your self from.  You will find that many of the mucous membranes in your body will be irritated by them as well, very dry and irritated.  So, how to counter act this? You must drink plenty of water that has very little chlorine, filtered is best for you.  Very little sodium so as not to retain.  The toxic body always retains fluids in its ability to cleanse itself but you do not want to hold too much.  It is not good for your being.

I feel exhausted every day I leave this office.  Is it mostly from the cleaning fluids or is it the energy of the office?

The cleaning solutions are giving you very much a physical discomfort.  The environment of the beings that create an energy through the emotional effect, the two together are exhausting you, my dear.  It is true, my dear.  Knowledge assists so remember when you are feeling unwell at this place go to the fresh air.  Bless you my child.