Sahara Wind writes:

Hello dear Guide – can you please share the truth of what happened in Fatima in 1913? Does the Mother and other high beings of light appear so rarely in this physical domain? Does the Mother have a message for us now, for this time? A heartfelt thank you.

The guide’s response:

It happens all of the time, these appearances.  It is difficult for the physical beings to speak of it.


Do the beings of light appear in different forms?  Can you explain that?


They appear in whatever form is necessary at whatever moment the greatest growth is offered.  It occurs time and time again.  It helps some on their paths and some not.  For it is not for us to judge, but when asked, it can be.  There is a great amount of fear in your physical world right now.  Fear creates doubt and doubt creates quiet.  There are those that have walked with the greatest of light but fear to speak of it for being judged, or for being thought unstable. In truth, there was much more spoken of it then, then now.

Remember about being present in the state of growth that is now.   In truth, it is in the now that one should be present.  Growth must be unlimited and information unlimited.  It is for a new time, a new age, a new understanding.