Funtastic writes:

Greetings Everyone. Much light and many blessings to you. The doctors do not know but you do know. What else do I need to do to eliminate this pain that continues in my head? I have taken your advice from before concerning the heavy metals and this has helped me tremendously. Thank you.

What causes this pain that I now experience–the dizziness when I move my eyes or head at times, the nausea, and the pain in my head? Most importantly, what can I do to fix what is wrong, to heal. What else needs to be done?

I know you told me that I will heal and I believe this. This helps to hold me up. It is quite difficult though when in the midst of this pain that comes and goes anytime and can last for weeks, to even praise God. I do not wish this to be so for I know that some are worse off than me; some would gladly trade their pain for mine, and that God is watching over me. I want to keep and feel the praise despite what happens to me. Thank you again.

The guide’s response:

Dear one, healing can be an entire life path’s process, for healing has many avenues or understanding. The pain you are feeling is your body telling you it needs attention. The heavy metals, the chelation, the clearing out of these from your brain is part of the pain.  Most of the pain comes from the hypersensitivity you have in your brain mostly because of the path you have walked on, or the life you have lived.  You’ve had many difficulties but you have grown beautifully.  So you have now come to a time where you have abundant sensitivity in the nerves of your brain and in your forehead which causes the eye sensitivity.

There are pressure points above the eyebrow and at the temple.  Press them gently and lightly and then to the maxila of the jaw, which is the hinge where it moves up and down. Press upon these points and release.  Listen to your mind’s eye in these points and release.  You are now talking to this part of your body; your conscious mind to your physical body, your spirit mind to your body.  Ask why it is so sad, why it fears.  It fears loud noises, it fears judgment for it knows it too well, for you were raised under an understanding that you must be perfect to be loved.  That is all I am going to give you right now so as not overwhelm you with too much information.

Be singular in your healing–one thing at one time.  Love this beautiful body you have created and in that creation the pain that now speaks to you.  Talk with it so that it can develop another way to communicate its needs.  You are not separating in your being, you are becoming one with it, dearest. Be still, love and return to the light and allow it in.  Heal your body with the consciousness of understanding who you be–your light, your love.  Touch these points and speak to your body.  You are beautiful, you are perfect. You are light, you are love.