For all these years I felt in the back of my mind that one day I would be able to help others on a spiritual level. I have meditated, been part of groups and spiritual church, have attended workshops and a retreat, spent much time reading all that I could from spiritual teachers but have now come to a standstill. Despite feeling very deeply that I should be strong enough to put my hand out to others to not only teach them but also to learn from them in turn, I now suddenly feel quite weak, isolated and have no connection to any one spiritual leader within my environment that I can trust and learn from.

Is this it? Treading water and letting time pass. A quiet exhaustion. Your observations would be appreciated. Thank you.

The Guide:

Dearest one, you say that you do not know what to do — and yet you do know what  to do.  You must put yourself in that position to help others.  To be a conduit at first takes a certain step which you might think in your world is an ego, but it actually is a help, a helping hand, a quiet voice, a gentle touch.  Begin with those close to you, unassuming, quietly.  You must gain the trust of others and they will begin to ask and you will find your path.  

There are many that wear every amulet, follow every truth seeking their own only to find that you must develop your own.  Yes, you can use the different means and methods and ways to find what is your truth.  But when you begin to help others you will find in that the energy that will create that that you do and be. 

Each being will bring with them their way that you will help them.  Do not try to fit a being’s certain one way when you have stepped into the dimension of the openness, all is possible.  You are not treading water either.   The time you are spending now is an important thing.  I believe treading water is an important thing.  Be not afraid of the stillness and quiet, embrace it.  Embrace  all parts of the path that you are on for  all is there to teach you.  The greatest teacher is be the one who learns beside the ones they teach. You learn by doing it,

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