Waronadipose  – what is the best diet for my body to function optimally?

You ask many beings this very question my dear.  You seek it in many different avenues and yet you always turn to that what you have done in early life.  It is often a case of hereditary over choice–for you learned very early in life the taste for cream, for sweets.  It is interesting how to change these conscious thinking over that deep need within the soul that craves to be nurtured.  The sweet that you crave from the mother, to be nourished, to be loved, to be touched.  Oh, you were not abused or anything like this, but you always felt wanting something.  It is that voice within you, that wanting, that you must attend to.

You want to be happy and healthy.  You want to be vibrant. You want to be wanted.  I know you are light and love, but you fight this.  I want the diet you take on to begin in the morning with a breakfast of love, to fill a bowl with the size of your hands with wonderful love.  It may manifest itself as beautiful berries, or wonderful porridge, or it could be of any love you so desire.  I want you to eat it lovingly and happily, to take time in consuming this light and love. To know that it is nourishing every cell of your beautiful body.  And it will convey to every cell that they are perfect and they will do their job to the best that they can.

Lunch should follow with a fine sandwich of love.  I believe when the Earl invented this it was a very handy thing in your world.  And there is something about actually holding food in one’s hand.  Make it not so big that you cannot hold it in your hand.  And the actual touch in your fingertips helps to understand too that this nourishment is love that is conveyed.  A snack of a little bright love in the afternoon when you start feeling unloved.  Something bright and beautiful that has a fragrance as well.  It helps to convey the light, the love.  The evening meal should always be one of nurturing and gentleness. This love should always be easily supped, nothing difficult or too taxing to digest.  Again, about the size of your hands to hold in your heart.

Blessed one, love your being and nourish it with love and light.  You live in a time when there are so many experts.  I will tell you a secret.  They are all looking for their own answers.  Fill your hands with love.  Feed and drink deep of it and your body will convey the blessings of being love.  Bless you my child.