Attending to what is at hand

Serendipity says, “I really have tried to get in touch wih my soul, my life through the Secret, and just trying very hard to be a believer in things in general. I want to be able to believe that financial freedom is reachable. I have tried and tried to believe and live this as if it were already there; although I find that something has hindered this lately and I am questioning this. For the past few weeks it seems that my financial picture is being affected in every way possible and it is draining any possible idea of getting ahead. I was advised by another phychic in July that I would receive approx. 45,000.00 on Nov. 10th this year. I really would like to know that this will happen. Please help with my fear of this financial stress. I would really like to hear some positive information.” 


Before you right now lie more riches then you can understand, but you are not seeing it.  You are looking up and out of your realm at this time, my dear.  And so that is why you are feeling out of touch.  Be still.  See that that is at your fingertips.  See that that you are, and see your amazing ability within it all. Oh dear one, you seek for that outside, when it is at your very feet.  This is that that needs to be attended to, then the rest will fall in place.
A lot of beings feel that they are needing to take the step out, instead of a step into their lives.
They do not understand that they created that that they have, and must be present in it.  To witness, to look around.  If  there is something not in harmony, attend to it.  And then all things will flow. 
I’ve been hearing this more and more about looking out when you should be looking to or attending to what is at hand. Can you say more about this?
That what is meant: at your hand.  The kingdom of life, of what you might call God. That is at hand.  It means you have created this out of this God ability.  You created all that is at hand for your particular purpose.  Attend to it, see it, witness it. Then you will understand where you will be in all of it.  And also then the things that you need to balance, to perhaps correct or put in place.
Do you mean everything we touch, everything we relate to in our day?
Yes, your world.

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  1. Anonymous December 8, 2009 at 12:37 am - Reply

    Dear Joanna, Jane and Spirit,Lately I feel as though I am at a crossroads. I have many paths open to me but am unsure of which one to take, which is causing me unbearable anxiety that makes it incredibly hard to take action at all! On one hand, I want to pursue my dream of becoming an artist and a writer. But I wonder if, on the other hand, it might not be best for me to become a nun and devote myself to a life of service and enlightenment. I feel as though the latter path will take me down the path truest to Spirit, but my heart lies more with art and writing. What should I do? Also, I would really appreciate it if you guys could give me any advice on how to be less nervous in social situations. I have a lot of trouble communicating my thoughts and feelings effectively because I am afraid of rejection. I also have a lot of trouble connecting with others and establishing relationships and feel as though something is wrong or “off” about me. It’s as if I have the desire to be social, but I can’t bring myself to really throw myself into any sort of relationships. In the end, I think people find me a little boring because I just don’t seem that into socializing with them. Could you please give me some tips as to what I could do to gain the confidence to make friends?Thank you so much for reading my question!Love and Light,Madeline

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