Asking for words from a daughter who was killed

Emily says, “My daughter was killed when hit by a truck when she was 12 years old. I am wondering if there is any message from her to me, and to her sister, who has grieved terribly as well.”
Yes, these beings are in great pain and they fear that with the moving on of time they will no longer be in touch. They are in touch.  Tell them there there is a great bond that will always be.  Perhaps they may feel that this was not fair, or not in any way necessary.  It was.  Not so much that you would understand as fair, but it was a promise.
Try to understand this. That a being can come into a life with the purpose of leaving–to create growth, to complete a balance.  That which must seem so very harsh is the highest gift of love to one another.  That the being so trusts that you will grow and serve to the highest, this promise.  They will do as well.  They will take this growing, this loss, this pain and put the energy of love into it.  And it will move them into the great growth that they were willing to do.
How will it manifest?  In many ways. The sister, the daughter shall we say, is very creative, and will help to find a voice for others. The mother’s compassion, will want to protect all children and will work….well, perhaps I should not say all of these things.   But I want them to know that there is at hand great growth.  This this was not her loss, but her life.  That the being who left, although it seems too soon, was ready.
Any last words? 
In time they will hear directly.  It would not be right for me to give them now.   Tell them, tell them that she will move the energy.  This will be her sign to them.
Thank you.

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