Allergies, autism and other disabilties

Kristine asked about allergies and how they develop. She has a peanut allergy and wonders where it came from. This is becoming a common allergy. Why are we seeing it in so many people?

Food is now often an additive in many things in your physical world. It is true that some beings cannot take the vibration of this food (peanuts). It is often thought that there is more time to be in touch with one’s vibrational state that there are more allergies. These allergies are often conditions set up by not only the nervous system or the digestive system, but many times it is by the intellectual understanding of some things. Fears…many things are involved in allergies. It is information transformed into the immune system of the body of whether to react or not react. And this is often a complex system that can get very confused in a body that is extremely tired or stressed in some way.

That makes sense to me—if someone is stressed, they might develop an allergy. Their body may be telling them to slow down or watch out. But what about people who have allergies from birth?

Oh do not think a child cannot be born already stressed. Absolutely. There are many, many babies that come into this physical world already taxed in their systems and they do not have an appropriate, well-developed immune system. And so of course their system cannot handle anything except mothers’ milk. And sometimes the mother’s milk has many complexities in it that can cause them many difficulties.

Is that the only reason for allergies?

Yes, a body that cannot cope with a condition. There are many things though that create stress on the body. Yes.

Kristine wonders if we create weakened genes through diet that are then transmitted to the children.

No. Genetics is very difficult to weaken through diet. Genes are weakened through poisoning, mutation, and adaptation of the physical body. Genes are not weakened by diets.

What about additives in diets?

Poisoning. Yes.

So additives in diets could cause that. Would this be a cause for peanut allergies?

It is not so much a poison, but often if it is treated in some ways, it changes its vibrational state so it is not consumed in the same way so the body treats it as a poison.

Kristine also asked if childhood vaccinations relate to allergies. There are some parents who are concerned that vaccinations will damage their children.

Sometimes the children are more damaged by the neuroses of the parents than by the vaccinations. But I know this is not what you wish to speak of. There are some children that when these things are introduced into their system, they create a difficulty in their processes. They are taken as toxic and this causes some toxins to be built up in the body and there is a difficulty with it. Some children have difficulty with this and some do not. Again, be aware of the state of stress in the body of the child, the stage of growth, its ability to normalize what is introduced into it. The body works very hard to be accepting all things brought into to, to digest and to make positive all things that are introduced, whether it be food or these injections.

Most children do OK, but if a parent is concerned, do you have any guidance for parents who are trying to decide if it’s a good idea to get them?

If your child seems somewhat easily agitated, frail or bothered by certain things, then I think it would be wise to not choose to introduce anything that is very potent until their immune system is very well established. When an immune system is well established, you can ingest many poisons and have them be quite assimilated and release out of the body without too much difficulty.

Kristine also asked about childhood autism and the possible link to childhood vaccinations.

These traumas to a new physical body can cause this state, this difficulty. It is a difficulty to learn, to move forward, this autism. It is many different things. It is not just one. The introduction of these toxins into the body can cause this because the immune system creates an allergy and the attack and thus causes a toxic state in the brain. But also if the mother was very ill there can be a toxic state. Or if the child gets a very bad virus early in life it can cause this. It’s an interruption in the normal process of growth at a very delicate time of the physical cells.

So it happens after birth?

Not always. It can happen before birth.

Autism is sometimes connected with amazing abilities. I read about a young man who does incredible drawings that no one else can do. And yet he is unable to have a normal social interaction.

If a part of the brain is damaged it does not mean the spirit is damaged. No, the spirit goes to work and manifests through other parts of the being. And this is the part of the brain that shines.

Yes, some people can have problems, like Tourette’s, where they…

Misfiring in the brain.

Yes, and yet if they’re a doctor, they would never experience that when they do surgery…

Where they shine through the storm. The physical body is quite an amazing focus, or tool or manifestation. Many things are learned through many of its what what you might think is a weakness or problem. This creates the greatest growth for certain beings.

Of course. Yeah. So what can the rest of us learn about that?

For all beings there is love. I know you live in a time where you wish to control all things. And certain things you can. And if you make a choice to do so, then follow that path. But there are some beings and certain situations that are already in active motion, moving forward, before you get to make a choice about it. And then it is a choice of acceptance, of loving, and embracing that that is.

Yes, sometimes it is difficult for parents to see their children as limited…

Only if they try to measure them against some standard that truly does not truly exist against your spirit. You would not know how to measure a spirit. And these children often show them the true spirit that be present in them.

And I suppose it’s the same for children who are born with intellectual handicaps or Down syndrome.

Mnn. These beings are often very highly evolved ones who have chosen to come and teach the world about love–that the simplicity is the truth.

Yes, so much for us to learn–to get out of our heads some times and into our hearts.
Yes my dear.

So, going back to allergies, is there some way that people who have allergies can live more easily with them.

To laugh, to find joy, to relax. Most beings that are highly allergic are very stressed beings. They are very afraid and do go about their lives in fear. They need to enjoy life; they need to embrace it. Carry with them whatever they need in case of emergencies but they must trust that they be whole and well. Many of the things they feel allergic to…in truth it is the fear that they are allergic to. It sets up a domino effect in their beings. One thing creates another and then it’s all rolling forward and they can’t stop it. Trust.

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    Thank you for all this wonderful information!I wanted to ask about an issue that has come up for me in the past few years. I first noticed that I could no longer wear necklaces because shortly after putting them on, I would have pain in my neck and shoulders. I discovered that this mostly went away after taking the necklace off. Recently, I cannot even wear men’s style t-shirts that sit close to the neck, or even the smocks they tie around your neck at the hairdresser’s as I instantly feel a feeling of constriction in my throat.I used to wear necklaces all the time as a kid and into my early-teens. Do you know how I can get over this and be free of the tension and discomfort?Thank you!

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