Advice on what to pay attention to in order to proceed

Doris says she has experienced some improvement in her leg discomfort since she reduced her weight. She would like to know what is the next step to take to benefit her body and continue her growth. She also asks about the relationship with the man that was to be coming into her life. And she wonders what is the most important thing she should pay attention to in order to proceed on her path.

Blessed Doris. Blessed, blessed Doris. You are surrounded by many that wish to help you. The greatest gift you can give yourself right now is to be still, to hear. You also very much need touch, physical touch. To achieve this you can go out to those that you can be still and receive touch from. Beginning at the feet and working up towards the heart, the opening. This is all part of a process that you actually know you need to go through. You know you need to be hearing and listening instead of speaking. For this being does come into your life–when you are ready. No longer should you be the one giving and doing for another. You must receive. For you this is a struggle: to receive, to willingly open yourself to receive the touch, to hear. I’m not surprised that you fight against these things. You’ve always felt that you must earn everything in your path. Achieve these things my dear, and you shall heal. Touch is very important right now.

This one is a mother hen. She constantly thinks about how to help others. Tell her to centre on herself right now.

That’s the most important thing?


I’ll tell her that. Thank you.

So often we feel guilty if we centre on ourselves and our needs. We feel it’s somehow selfish to focus on what uplifts us. We tend to think we are worthy only if we’re focusing on another. Yet in order to be whole we have to take the time to nourish ourselves both in body, mind and spirit. We need to do this first–and for ourselves. Only when we are whole can we truly step forward to give to others. Try taking some time today to ask your deepest self what would please you. Nurture yourself as you would a tender baby. Do this for yourself–you are worth it.


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