Lynn asks about her friend who has been battling prostate cancer for over a year.  He was told there was nothing that could be done but he got a second opinion and had surgery that removed the tumour. She says, “He is still sick and still has some cancer. Will he win this battle? He is trying to be positive.”


This dear one was right to continue to search and to find the being to help him.  He must understand  he is part of his healing, that he is in control of his being.   He thinks to be healed and so it shall be.   He must realize that he truly has the ability to put right his being.   Every body carries these cells at time to time.   This one was always being gentle and then then went into this panic.  Fear can create more of a discord within the body.   Gentle one, act upon your health.   Make your body very alkaline.  Eat pure, clean food and be in happiness while you consume it.  Find joy and find peace.  Find beauty to look upon.  Seek the greater good within all beings and in yourself my dearest.  Winning is being, so be, my child, and all will be well.