Lulu writes:

I have had chronic neck pain for the past few years but it has gotten worse in the last 6 months. Some mornings I can’t even lift my head off the pillow and I have no range of motion. My doctors can’t find anything wrong and I am only 30 years old. I also clench my teeth very hard at night and have very vivid, often disturbing, dreams. Any idea what is causing this and what I can do about it? I am at a place in my life at a stand still and not sure what direction I’m going. I am trying to have faith, but it is so frustrating dealing with pain and depression. I feel very spiritually disconnected as well and need some guidance. Also the man in my life has blessed me and enriched my life, but is he going to come around anytime soon or do I just keep waiting… Thank you and God bless.


The guide’s response:

Blessed one, first try to understand that your beautiful body is the amazing place in which you learn, all that you have come to learn; that it provides much information to you. Then you will understand that your body is calling to you. It is in a deep state of needing to be still, to understand that you have had a time of great weight upon you, a time of confusion as to how to be in your world, a feeling of loneliness and not being seen.

To address the pain you may seek medical attention.  They perhaps will give it a name, an irritation. The lining of the nerves are all inflamed, there is a deep sense of inflammation.  The clenching of the jaw creates great pain.   It is because you do not know how to be in your world.  You do not know how to move forward.  You do not even breathe deeply, as if unable to know how to at this time.  So, what does one do when one’s body is telling you that you must be still?  You must see what is before you, you must understand that your choices are not being made at this time–because you wait for something, or someone else’s growth and not your own.

You have known that you need to move, to physically move, to find yourself in the circulation of other beings around you.  You feel that much around you is old and familiar–and they don’t know who you are anymore.  You still present to them that that you were, instead of who you are now.  You must step away from all of this.  You must seek that that you be.  You are waiting on the decision of another for your happiness. This is not allowing you to move forward.

Would you not question this if someone else said to you “I am awaiting to be happy at the decision of someone else.”   You would tell them choose happiness now and take a step forward to that that you so need to do.  You are looking for permission to feel pain and exhaustion.  Your body is giving you permission to feel it and yet you seek the understanding of it from someone else.  Seek it from your own wisdom, blessed one, for it is there for you.  I could tell you exactly that that you could do that would make you great happiness. But would that be your choice?

Take time to think about your choices and about how and why you make them.  Are they for your growth? Or are they for the growth of others?  You always allowed others what they needed–but  not yourself.  What do you need?  Oh yes, your conscious mind would like a pill to alleviate the pain but that would just be a band-aid and in time another pill would be needed, and another and another.

So, be still right now blessed one.  Seek your truth within. Understand your choices.  Seek something joyful for yourself.  Remember that joy, that laughter.  Bless you my child and do not worry how long this should take.  It takes as long as it takes for you to grow and that is perfection.