There is a wonderful saying, “When man walks in nature, the angels speak to him.” This is a truth of mine. My whole life, when I needed to be close to God I went to nature.

A golden yellow field, a wild ocean, a still lake, somewhere I could go and be amongst trees and air… so sweet. That is what I did today. I was feeling so overwhelmed by what Christmas wasn’t going to be, that I needed to walk with God. So, that I did.

I walked in the rain, in the mud, up hill and down hill. It wasn’t what one would imagine as a spiritual walk but it was exactly what I needed. Deep breaths of cool air, the smelling of fir trees, all with the sound of the rain on my coat. Thank you and forgive me for not remembering that Christmas, this one Christmas, will be as one rain drop is to the river – part of the ever flowing love.

I will be with all I love, and I will hold you in my heart.




Photo (with thanks) by William Daigneault on Unsplash