A teaching on anger, chaos, and love–all part of civilization’s greatest growth

This transcript is from a recent talk with a high guide about our world.  Earlier this week, before Jane channeled the guide, a small group of us were talking about how disappointed and upset we were to see people ignoring their responsibilities to our planet and to each other.  This is what the high guide had to say.

Blessed ones, you draw from far and wide and many beings come.  Do you ever wonder why in your gentle beings you are given information to spread far and wide?

Please tell us.

The female form is life giver, the healer that feeds, the nurturing form.  The overturn will see a greater number of women hopefully taking great positions of control from the micro to the maxi you will see this in many ways.  You might think that at first these will be very strong for you are conditioned in the physical domain to think that only the very physically strong can lead many and teach much. The greatest teacher of all is usually the mother.

We see her ire; fear it not.  You see, the words must convey all forms, the positive, the negative for all to be embraced.  There is truth, but it only has an effect if it is with love.   How can I help you my blessed one?

Are you saying then that anger has no effect?

No, not at all.  Anger is part of the emotional tools that you are to live and grow with, to learn.  It helps sometimes to focus if it is with focus and direction of love.  Anger, if it is with a very hateful heart can cause many different outcomes.  But anger, the excitement of the very chemicals in the physical body can sometimes be very helpful.  Anger must have a direction.  If it stays within one place it can be destructive, it is then that it is not with love.

I am thinking of groups like we are seeing in cities around North America and also in Greece right now where there are riots and mob mentality and there is a fear that it will get beyond and they will be stomped out and no one will hear what they are saying.

And the few that have the anger without the love will not be heard.  They will be heard for a short while and then the fear will take over.  But in the long constant  of being and growing it must be with love,  compassion, passion, the  knowing of the greater good for all, this is the love.  This is the vehicle to carry the anger on; then it becomes helpful, not destructive.  If the vehicle or energies that carry the anger and the force in movement is that of hate or of negative needs, it will be destructive for it stays within instead of expanding, moving forward.

The corporations in the world that seem to run things don’t do it out of anger. They do it out of the belief that profit is all they need to care about and it seems like it has taken over the world.

Yes, this is a mob mentality of the negative form.  But truly, if you would separate all of these, and bring each being out separate from those that they have felt supported by, they would know the truth and they would try to do as well that that is right for many.  They are seen powerful for they are together in great numbers.  If you separate the number, they are not powerful.  They do not know themselves as “good” or “love”.  This phony persona they create empowers them when they all gather together under this one umbrella.  In the quiet darkness of their soul, they know.  Although some do not; some are new beings and find it very peaceful to be amongst that great force.  But most know what is right and what is wrong.

So do not doubt that it is being heard.  Do not doubt this smallest voice in this time is being heard.  Even the most mighty and powerful can be brought to their knees by a small quiet voice that speaks from love.

The force might be loud, that that ruptures through all, might be caused by an anger of a need of others. But it is the love of others that creates the voice.  Tell this gentle one not to feel such frustration as there is love.  There is love.

Fear not the changing of the guard, for many will be ancient beings that will step forward. You are not through this time yet.  There is still more perhaps… more chaotic events to bring it to focus.  But there is the greatest growth occurring now in your physical world, of any in history that you know of.  There are, of course, previous civilizations that have come forward and collapsed many times and begin again.

This task you have taken upon to create an opening in this veneer of a world that you see as so artificial and plastic, do not give up.  This is the only thing we ask: speak your truth, seek your truth.  Ask others to do the same.  Not that they must follow yours, but they must speak the truth that is right within them.

Fear not any part of that that you be, each of you.  All parts help to create the growth of who you be and that that you teach.  By your very presence you teach it. Those that watch (don’t think they need to be old or young), if they are willing to watch, to learn, to listen, then perhaps their actions, their choices will grow.  And this alleviates this great stress that is in your physical world.  These blessed ones have gathered out of frustration to create an action, to create a voice.  But right now they seem like numbers in many different directions.  They will find a way in time.  Perhaps the urgency is greater now, for at hand there is great opportunity for much more chaos.

Blessed ones, trust that you are not alone.  You may feel like you are pawns in a greater chess board of life, and in some ways you have come in to be just that. Thank you.  Thank you.  Not enough thanks to you.  Thank you for seeing — whether it be the beautiful leaf or flower….  Thank you for seeing the garbage.  Thank you for seeing the child who seems like a parent, thank you for seeing those that talk much but do little.  And in your way you will find the voice, an attitude, the choice.  Thank you blessed ones.  Namaste.

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  1. Funtastic October 23, 2011 at 5:57 pm - Reply

    Please tell me what with wrong with the involvement with the Occupy movement where I live. I know that I did my best to make it successful. Why all of the negativity? Did I do something wrong? I know I wanted to control things a bit, but I wanted it to have a positive image. I wanted it to be a success. I even fasted for two days because I wanted all to go well. You know that I received that letter from that man attacking me. What was that all about? And those harassing messages from the many others. Please help me to understand. If I did something wrong, I want to learn from my mistakes. Also, will I be safe? Thank you.

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