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healthy foodsAlexandra – Hi, I’m I am writing concerning my overall health, which I know is mainly linked to my gut. I just battled candida overgrowth, though still experience mild itching symptoms, and am wondering if I need to carry on a very strict diet, or what specific foods are clear triggers preventing me from feeling my best. I have seen a naturopath for about 2.5 years and it has helped a lot, though I still have a lot of ups and downs, and any insight about my diet would help. As of now I avoid gluten. Thank you!

Hello, wise one.  It is very good that you are aware of your body and that you have made great strides in balancing.  Imbalances in the body are very uncomfortable.  But you are right to understand that an overgrowth imbalance is very uncomfortable and you have done well to exclude things that affect your  lining of your intestine and ingesting of foods that are basically sugars.  Of course, this feeds the imbalance.

But, what you truly need is to come back to centre for if you become too alkaline it causes as much discomfort within the lining of the gut, and the membrane linings as well.  A slight acidity on the skin and in the membrane linings is the most healthy state to be in.

So, in order to achieve this try not to use any harsh detergents, or soaps. Do not use fluids too much that have too many chemicals in them, such as chlorine.

It is true, as well, that the lining of the intestines is where vitamin B is made and absorbed.  This coats the nerves , thus, helping to balance all. So, be sure my dearest, to eat naturally fermented foods.  They have been created for the human consumption forever in the physical world.  Not chemically induced fermentations, but natural  occurring  ones.  These will help intensify the natural balance in your intestines.

Can you give some examples  of these kinds of foods?

These would be for the different cultures quite different, but in the beginning it was a form of preservation of foods.

Like sauerkraut?

Yes, each culture has their own, but try all of them.  They are very health giving for the human gut.

What about gluten?

It is true that that substance is now created from your wheat is different.  And so, unless you can get an ancient grain it is best not to consume those that have a presence of gluten. The diet of many beings in your world right now have very little true nutrition in it. And these heavily glutenized products coat the intestine preventing absorption of many minerals and vitamins.

Stay as close as you can to the natural element of food, fresh fruits and vegetables. If you are afraid of eating meat, then make sure that the creature was raised and is happy and freely given their life purpose to be consumed.  You may not understand this in the consciousness of man, but there are beings that their whole purpose is to give.

But, mostly blessed one, try to enjoy yourself.  You are very anxious from time to time, partially because you do need B vitamins, but you worry so.  Try every time a worry or an angst comes within you, take that thought and melt it away as to how strong you truly are, how brilliant your light is.  Bless  you my child.

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