A question about sons who have difficulties

Mary K writes:

Thank you for all you do.  It is so appreciated! I would like assistance with a question I have. Were my sons sexually abused by their father when we were married? They are adults now, but are struggling with lots of anger and they do not know where it comes from. My youngest son does not like men at all and he is very hard on his only son. My oldest son has trouble dealing with his son, also. I totally understand they have their soul contracts to work through. If this did happen when they were very young, is it possible they have no memory, but their bodies remember? Thank you!

The guide’s response:

It would be better if they were asking this as it is not my place to divulge things this way.  As you know, there was a time in these beings lives where they were not seen or heard and they felt very much in the way, a burden, not wanted.  But they had you.  And perhaps you feel now that you are guilty by not saying it enough.  But you were always there, protecting them, speaking your mind.

It did cause some confusion, but know that they chose to be with this father to learn something.  They have yet completed those promises.  And as you know, this relationship is not balanced and whole.  What you can do is encourage them to have counseling, to talk to someone who can hear them, but not judge them.  Not encouraging or discouraging, simply being free of judgment (whether it be of their father, or of them).

It can be healed in a second if they so choose to walk that way.  The burdens they have, are not uncommon.  It is difficult to be a young man in your society right now; the expectations are unbelievably difficult.  It is a clash between the old and the new.  They walk a tightrope between the two; so have compassion.  Always hear them.  Always see them and know that the love you have for them will help them.

You cannot undo that that has occurred and though it might seem hard to understand, they chose it.  There is a reason and there is an opportunity for growth.  Not all is lost, not all is bad.   Trust me, blessed one, trust.

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