A question about “hybrid offspring”

Anna asks:

Can you comment on the idea of “hybrid offspring, as in offspring who have extra terrestrial origins, and are born of a human mother?” One might suggest that all on the earth have extra terrestrial origins, but I am referring to those many stories where human people experience a sense of being shown offspring, that is both a part of them, and yet on other levels are not of this earth.

The guide’s response:

There are many belief systems in your world. And if a being believes this to the depth of their being, then it is their truth. You must decide if it is yours.

Asking me if that be true is like asking me if you are true. It is possible, but is it your truth?

There are many other physical worlds. And there are times when they do cross over. Have they actually inoculated? No. But you could have an awareness of another domain.

Your spirit has the capacity of traveling to other places, other times. A being could see something at another place and perhaps, in their need to understand and control it, translate it into your present world now. It cannot happen. But it is their truth. They have seen.  And so denying it to them would be very hurtful.

Allow them to be who they need to be. And allow you to follow your path.

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