A new beginning…


A new guide came through and shared a conversation with Joanna about the state of our current world.  This beautiful guide identified herself as Sister Adelaide.  Joanna’s questions are noted in green text.


Can you talk about our world, it is feeling like it is on the brink of disaster?

It is teetering, there is no doubt about that.  But try to think of it not as disaster, but as great growth. For there are a great number of very evolved beings coming together to speak, to teach.  And, it is true the leader of most of this is a very evolved being, one who does not want to do war, does not want to fight or kill, wants to reason.

Are you referring to the leader of the U.S.?

He is one of them, yes. They need to all be in unison.  Is it not the true answer of your physical domain, to be one?  This is what is at hand right now and it is a very positive thing. So think not of fear and anguish. It is not the discussion of religion. It is a discussion of mankind, of humanity, being that that you are, being in the moment.  The fact that they have no knowing of how to approach it is the most wonderful thing for they are thinking of the now, instead of using old texts and old ways.  It is truly a new beginning.

Is this happening with the political leaders only, or is it filtering through the heads of corporations and religious leaders?

It is happening in the political scheme, but will filter through to all.  Never is it more true than when the physical world is threatened that mankind tends to grow quickly. Either way, I must say, backwards and forwards.  So, you will see those that will want to shoot their arrows, you will see those that will want to barter, and you will see those that will talk a lot and do very little. But the greatest thing is the greatest number of beings that truly do not war, but they do want peace.  And they are dealing with a culture that is unevolved, that only knows war, that only knows one direction and lives in such difficult times that life is just too difficult to do anything but fight.

This is what it is like in parts of the Middle East and it seems like it is growing that there is more and more of that happening?

It is just simply because the numbers are greater right now.

So what can we do from here, from the other side of the world?

You do what is best for you in the best of your ability.  It does not mean you take up arms, or live in fear, for you know in the depth of your being what is right.  It is speaking of kindness, of harmony, of loving one’s neighbor, of being completely in unison with the world you live in, to do no harm, only good.  This is what you do!  You take care of the path that you walk on.  If there is violence in it, correct it.  If there is unnecessary squandering of the earth’s wonderful treasures then you stop it by whatever means you can. Those of you will make protest and make noise, those you will write letters and those will actually take action to stop what is occurring.

You have great love of your country and you love humanity.  You want them to know the natural world.  That is your truth.  Thank  you for your most respective conversation.  It has been most enlightening.

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