A mother’s questions about children and connection with spirit guides

Caroline worries that her kids will have a limited sense of family.  She writes, ” My husband is from a small family and rarely keeps in touch as they are rather aloof. My family is large but severely dysfunctional. None of us siblings talk to each other (I am the only one who has reached out to anyone) and my parents not only do not speak with us but do not even know or care to meet their grandkids. It’s beyond abnormal and I don’t even bother explaining it to friends. Anyway,  I’ve given up trying since no one ever responds (nasty divorce, immature parents) and I am the only one in the family with my rather ‘unorthodox’ spiritual beliefs (they think I’m a new age nut).  Anyway it’s sad that our kids will have no uncles, aunts or grandparents as part of their lives. I have done the ‘internal’ work of letting resentments go and trying to start from scratch but no one seems interested in life outside of their own bubble.

“My husband’s father died recently and met our toddler son once (we’ve since had another child) and our son has started saying ‘there’s grandpa’ or ‘it’s grandpa!’  He does not know what a grandpa is since he met my husband’s dad before he was really talking, a year ago, and my dad is not in his life. So perhaps he sees his grandfather’s spirit? Not sure. I’ve tried to ‘hear’ my spirit guides and get messages from them to help me (even read books on how to do so) and still no luck. I might not even have a spirit guide for all I know.  Anyway, thanks and sorry for the rambling question.”

Oh my dear.  What to do, dearest one?  You are doing wonderfully, being open, being unlimited.  Yes, the child did most definitely see that being.  It doesn’t mean anything unusual.  It just means that a young being often sees many things and is very in tune with their entities and those that are with them and allow it to be.  The conscious mind of a child cannot even begin to understand all that is in the conscious mind of an adult, so don’t even go there.

Just don’t make a big deal about it dearest one.  Say “oh that is nice darling and say hello to him for me.”  And that is about all you need to say.  Be open to anything they say and never say “that is not true.”  Don’t try to control it.  Allow the child to unfold as they will naturally.  This one is very evolved anyway.  Many things will happen.

As for a dysfunctional family, and fear of not having a formal church, or community, do not worry about these–as your children chose you for a reason.  They alone have promises with you to grow and to do.  It is perfect for what they have come to do.  See them, hear them and do not limit them.  As to yourself, you are doing beautifully.  You’ve had so many lifetimes of so many rules and regulations.  I am surprised that you will stay in one form for this life and you are doing beautifully well.  Blessings on you my child.

As far as your hearing those guides around you, you are.  You are thinking that it should be a voice and perhaps in time you will hear them.  But right now, it can be just a hunch, a feeling, a persuasive knowing, a tight stomach, an instant irritation.   You know your body.  It is the first tool you have in order to read other energies and it is still working for you, my dear.  Allow it to be. Say out loud to yourself that you want to develop a formal communication with your guides, or angels or whatever you wish to call them and it shall be.

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  1. Kora August 24, 2010 at 11:24 pm - Reply

    What did/do i do to make D turn away? Is there anything i can do to help us communicate. Why does D look sad when looking in my eyes? Is there anything I can do at all to make any of it better? Please help. So sad. Love and thanks.

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