A mother’s concern of her son’s health and well being

AmitAmit – Hello, my 5+ year old son has started complaining of spinning head and feeling of Nausea. He also gets tired very often. He said some times entire room becomes upside down.. he wants to lie down for some time during the spinning and don’t eat any food..

Is this a medical problem or psychological or it is related to anxiety of new school?  As a parent what we need to do to support our son?  How this can be treated? How to make him comfortable to adjust to his new school?  Thanks a lot.

Dear mother, your young child has a pressure on the inner ear. You probably have even noticed that as he sleeps he breathes through his mouth. There are glands at the back of his throat that are quite large and a small infection has been occurring, though not at the moment. There is some scar tissue involved. This causes an imbalance in the ear and the world will turn upside down. The child does not have words yet to tell you of his discomfort but you must seek help and have him looked at by a physician, a medical doctor.

You needn’t worry about his new school. Trust that his relationships with you are important and that he will be ready to deal with school. Tell him that you will always be behind him, that even when you may not be there physically, you are with him always. And he will trust in this.

Do help the little one. It can be alleviated. There was a great deal of mould in the air where this child was before. It caused a great deal of difficulty.

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