How to let go of fear and trust the healing

Healing handsStargazer – Dear Guides, Thank you for taking my question. I know that I have healing empathic abilities and have helped my friends and family overcome problems or at least brought them comfort. I want to know how to move forward, how to let go of fear and trust the messages I am receiving.   Am I right about E and K?  Thank you for your help!

You are of two minds, my blessed one.   One in which you know your truth and one which likes to talk you out of it.  You are constantly telling yourself that which you hear couldn’t possibly be right and yet the other part of you knows it is right.

It is not about right.  It is about information that comes and through the love and gentle guidance of your being you can give it to others, those that need the information.  Try to not only see the power or the right and wrong being of you, but simply the information you have received is for the being you are with.  It is not yours.  You are the conduit.

It is true; you have helped many find the energy to heal themselves.  That is what a healer does.  It is not only through the magic of their energy, hands upon another that the healing may happen.   It is also through the energy of your being.   Your energy shows them how to heal themselves.

A healer can be a teacher, a doctor, a lawyer.  A healer can be simply someone who stopped in your day and they saw you.  You are this, my dear.

Seek classes or perhaps ways in which you can find a support to give you strength.  Not that you need strength, but if you seek under the banner of others you may feel stronger.  Take classes to just simply pick up the momentum.  That is all.  Use all of the bits and pieces, the instructors and the healers and choose what is right for you.

A true healer does not use one technique, but the technique that gleans from the being they are trying to help. You are and shall always be that.  It matters not what direction you take it in.

Bless you my child.

Stargazer is also asking about E and K. 

I should say to you my dear, trust and it shall be.  But in order to give you a little strength, yes.

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  1. Donna February 21, 2013 at 7:24 pm - Reply

    Stargazer – Thank you so kindly for this message, it was just what I needed to continue on my journey. I really enjoy your site. Light and love to you.

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