A guide’s words on how forgiveness can set you free

IMG_2742This message came through in a personal reading for someone who is having difficulty with their birth family and wonders how to move forward and not be affected by the negativity and judgment from them. (Posted with permission.)

…  And the greatest thing to set you free is to be willing and to forgive. And you might think: Oh how could I forgive? But what forgiveness does is it unleashes you.

It says: I accept that that was. It was. And I hold in my heart the hope and belief that they will heal themselves and be who they need to be. And perhaps at some time we will meet again. And then it will be clear and clean, without any of the old ways, but fresh and new. 

Are you willing to do that? For this is up to you.

The willingness must come first, and then in time will be the forgiveness. The willingness will open your eyes to see them as human beings with frailties and difficulties, stumbling, raised under conditions that you might not think were perfect. But it was what created them, and it was what made you strong now.

And the forgiveness is when your heart is so full of love of self that you can love all.

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