This is an excerpt from our April evening in the circle with the spirit guides where one of the guides that came through (who called himself the professor) answered a question from the audience.

Audience member (K):  You spoke of the vibrational energy that we are and our DNA, and I have concerns with some of the artificial, very strong vibrations that we have from many of our electronics, our cell phones and all of these things in our domain and how they may affect us, particularly children.  Can you say something about this kind of vibrational energy?

Professor:  Well…may I speak personally to you my dear?

K:   Yes.

Professor:   You have an entity with you that was in the frontier of creating some of these things, and has found that what is occurring now is quite…out of control.  You know very well that there is a definite point when there is too much energy and it causes chaos.  To a certain degree the body and the physical domain can cope with a certain amount.  But if you concentrate it and overheat it for too long, as you very well know, it causes problems.  It causes discord, disease, confusion.  Brains do not have the right synapses, the rhythm of the heart is isn’t right, and the breath is off. There are many things.

Human bodies are made up of a great deal of water.  Water is one of the great conductors of this energy, but water can also neutralize it.  So, yes you are wise to be aware of this, to be aware that the pollution you should fear the greatest right now is the kind that you cannot see.

K:  You mean electro-pollution?

Professor:    Yes.

K:  This is not a message that people want to hear.

Professor:    Of course not.  They like their phones.  Well, Alexander was one of the greatest inventors.  I’ll tell you right now, he is pacing and having a fit over what he has created.  But you see, he’s not to blame for that.  Creation is a wonderful thing; it has both positive and negative, the element of growth.

It’s out of balance, like most of the things in the physical world now are out of balance.  There’s way too much of this.  It’s completely consuming too much of normal thinking.  And I will tell you that these created machines cannot think.  They will never have the capacity of mind because that is created by spirit.

Yes, these machines have great abilities, but they’ll never ever….  Well, they’re going to become your enemy, I’m afraid.  No, I don’t tell the future; that’s a fact.