A guide speaks on the role of women in today’s world

url-3You are blessed women, blessed healers. You live in a time where women are now going to take, not over the reins because they don’t want to control the whole show, but to try to find a balance. For all the work and talk that has been done over the past hundred years not much has really been accomplished yet. (Except that you do not bind your breasts after childbirth). The greatest movement for all of you is to be seen and heard and accepted for who you be, balanced and equal.

In the greater truth of knowing the actual physical domain, the body, the female is much stronger than the male. It carries much energy to give life, to nurture. The brain, the emotional centers, the actual physical joints of the female stretch and move and heal. The male is much more fragile. It does not survive as long; it does not correct its difficulties with such ease. But more important than that, for it is not that female needs to be in a superior position, but to have a voice.

For the female often will see the need to nurture instead of to restrict, see the need to heal instead of to fight. And now when there are chances for wars more so than any other time in your world, the female, the woman’s voice, must be heard. For they do not want their children slaughtered. They do not want their loved ones’ lives destroyed by the heed and need of the very few that seem to make rules that do not fit anyone. They are in control in many places in your physical world, new souls without much depth, without understanding. It is an important time.

Bless you.

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