A guide speaks about what is remembered from the physical world

IMG_0677We were wondering about  what the guides remember of their life in our world and what their experience is now.  So we asked for a guide to talk to us about this.  A very clear presence came through and spoke these words.

You asked “do we remember” and I wish to speak to this.  When one is in the place or dimension where I be now, my evolution, my purpose, is to grow through your growth—the being that I am assisting, or perhaps many beings.

Because of the great awareness I may have now, I do not have the lower vibration experience of the physical world; it is simply for the learning of the beginning of the evolution.   Even old, well-evolved beings are what we would call “new”—just not brand new.  But I am still very familiar with the wonders of your world.

You get to create that that you need.  I do not get to create, I have and I must be, now. Using very seldom the word “I” for it is not needed when in spirit for I am one with many.  I am going to use it now to help you understand what it is that I remember.

We are still separate in our energies but we are one in consciousness. We don’t have bodies but we vibrate, moving with some space between us in amongst each other. And so for me the things that I carry still within my vibrational energy are the noises, sound of the tide, sounds of birds, laughter’s most beautiful sound.  It has a vibrational up and down energy that has often been reflected to my very energy.

I also recall with great love the simple passing of time, which you call find quite frustrating.  Because in that allows the amazing thing—growth, the expansion of a being.

The dimension I dwell in, it’s not stagnant but it has no element of time.  You get seasons, you get snow, you get rain. No, I do not dwell in darkness; it is light, it is beautiful. But it is not heavy so it has not the velvet touch. It has not the depth and deepness of water or the lightness and gentleness of wind. But I still remember them. And I thank you for asking.

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