A guide speaks about conflict in the Middle East

In recent weeks there has been a new explosion in the Middle East. This has been going on for so long between Israel and the Palestinians….

And there are many more involved in it too. Many more that supply arms. It is all about money. It is nothing new. The reverence for life is lost at this time. But there are those that will seek it. Most are in female form at this time and have greater difficulty struggling to be heard.

Oh there are old belief systems that are so tied in with fighting. Oh that they would put down their arms, beat their swords into ploughshares, to allow the earth to run with water and nourishment instead of blood. But these are the choices that are hand for these beings… and for all of you.

You must be vocal about your choices, that is how you affect it. Where many believe one thing, the element of chance is more at hand to be positive than negative.


Do you understand that each action you take has a vibrational quota within you and outside of you? Like a drop in a pond, the circle widens with each movement, with each thought. You are all part of a oneness, a very deep well that draws upon the ancient and the young.

And all must be part of this. Even though you may have just arrived in this physical world, your very vibration is of it. And so every harm that is done, you wear it, you carry it. And every positive that is done, it heightens you. Until all beings think this way there will always be fights.

One mind, can it be? Can there be one mind, yet respect for the individual being? For there can be no respect of the individual when there is fighting.

That’s right. They’re looking at them as the interloper or…

A threat.   Instead of seeing who they be and what they need, they see only their own needs. It comes down to loving of yourself enough. If you are filled with love you will love all beings. You will not see them as someone to take from you, but someone you can share yourself with—to teach, to be one with, yet respectful of each individual.

What a glorious place this is! You have no idea how wondrous this physical world is. Well, perhaps you do. Perhaps you do and you just turn your eye from that that has been happening. But if you hear the smallest bit of it, it still affects you.

So to heal each of you from this that you hear, you must have an action, a choice. Choose wisely blessed ones, for your entire physical world is at hand.

When we pray or send light, is that a choice? Does that shift the vibration?

Yes. But at times like this, there often needs to be more.

Israel and Palestine have been fighting for so long. Is there anything that can make it better?

The writing of new words, new books, new laws, yes. This will change. They follow old Scriptures, they believe old ways and they do not even know why anymore. This does not apply to their lives any more.

Those old beliefs are so strong; It’s really hard to see how people could get beyond that.

It must be their choices. But there are some coming. It is not lost. There are that can still follow a belief system and yet see right and wrong quite differently than the rest. And they can have an effect.

I feel so sorry for the women in the Middle East.

They need to speak. There are many that will die before they are hurt. It is a time of great change, tumultuous. But it is a wonderful time, a time of great growth. See it not as completely negative. Know that they are seeing and breathing and being exactly as they need to—without permission from someone else, from some overlord, or one who speaks for all. They are individuals growing. You live in a time of your own responsibility. You live in a most wondrous time.

Don’t think that the wars now are the same as the wars before. They have all been different.

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