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Indian women protest

I want to ask about my country India. There is such a mix of fortunes here, so much poverty and yet so many doing well. So many religions and yet so much misery. The poor are still suffering as they have over centuries. First there were the conquerers, monarchs, dynasties, foreign rule and now finally democracy. But the government has been corrupt. The poor become poorer and the rich become richer. There is a movement Now to fight the corrupt government. Will it succeed? Do the millions have hope for a brighter future or is this just one of those efforts which would be ambushed? Many believe that India will rise to become a great economy and rise from poverty. I had heard about the destiny or karma of nations, is India doomed for suffering?

Also I wonder about the  suppression and crimes against women that have been going on for centuries. Even in a country like ours which worships female godesses as a part of Hinduism, there are widespread crimes against women. What is the way out of this? Have women too axed their own feet by not standing up against the patriarchal norms of society? And why is a male created to be  pre-disposed to this type of nature?

The guide’s response:

No, India is not doomed.  India is growing, as its people are.  The overturn of souls that is at hand, creates more difficulties in some places than others.  But right now in your country you will see more changes than have happened in centuries.  The old ways are being confronted.

And, of course, when there is clash of two beliefs there will be stress and strain and loss of lives.  Ancient souls are amongst you right now and they seem to be in the middle of most difficult places giving up their life’s path so that others will learn and grow.

It is a beautiful place for many to learn and grow.  It is a place of riches, not only in material, but in ancient souls and also in very new souls right now.

I know you believe that men have control over women, but this is changing.  It is why it is seen much more, heard about much more and will be talked about much more because now it is not being accepted.   Not all men are bad, my dear.  There are some ancient souls that are very much trying to teach the new way.

It takes longer in your country because the natural order has been disrupted.  Many unborn female children have been destroyed and not given that possibility of being born.  It is truth that the decision of being male or female is all decided by the physical world.  It is an element of change, if you do not understand completely is present when there are large numbers and it has been disrupted.

Thus, there are more men than women.   And many of these men are very new souls without the depth, without the feeling and without the understanding of what is right and wrong.  They are just free wielding their desire to control.

Be patient.  Be clear of what it is you are about.  You don’t have to put yourself in the middle of a terrible argument.  But make your decision and your need and choices known to those around you because it does have an effect.  If you take care of your world it has an effect.

Don’t feel guilty about the fact of where you be.  Use it to the best for you are there for a reason.

Do you have any advice how we can speak our truth?

By living it.  If this is your truth then you must live it.  You must be complete within it.  This gentle soul  knows that women are equal to men.  That their need in society is equal and she must speak it and act upon it and not be submissive, to not bow down to the man but to be one with him.  Not to overpower.  It isn’t about getting control over anyone.  It is about being that that you are in your truth.

For then you radiate the beautiful light that when others come and join you with you in that light you create a wonderful bond that will only empower you to move forward. 

It is why groups of like gather together. All must be heard in these times.  All must be able to have a voice and that is the greatest fear that all of you have in not being heard.  And, so, in your anxious need to be heard, often things become angry and negative.  A negative element of chance is created which is not what you want.

It isn’t about bringing down.  It is about holding up the wonder of being present in the physical world.  This is a very complex thing and will take many conversations to understand it.

The most simple thing you can do is to be, to be that that you are.  In the land of this one who asks, many of the ancient mothers are the ones putting down women because  they are angry in themselves  at what they have received in their life’s path.   They are the ones that have allowed their unborn children to be removed.  You see, it is not only just men, it is a way of being that no longer fitting.

Bless the ground that is the land you call India. Bless the people that walk it.  But be that that you are.  And it doesn’t mean to be less than what you are.  Namaste.


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