A guide speaks about governing systems


It seems that our governing systems have become more blatant in their greed and disregard for people, and corruption.

It is because they are new souls. And they feel this is what the government should do: gather more stones together. But it isn’t what governments should do. Governments should be the heart and the voice of the people. They should protect and love people. Eventually it would be wondrous….

There was a time many, many centuries ago when there were no borders, no lines between, no fences. Maybe one day again. We shall see.

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  1. glasshalffull July 13, 2013 at 4:59 pm - Reply

    OK …I’m throwing you guys a curve ball here.

    There is so much talk of the “evil” corporations and bankers that oppress the poor and the destroy the environment. While this may be true on some level, why do people limit themselves? The poor and middle class always treat each other badly, far worse than the wealthy. The minute Joe the plumber gets a nicer car and better job than everyone else in the neighborhood, even if Joe shares and is not ostentatious, everybody gets jealous and makes Joe and his kids feel bad. At the very least people will always have to make comments that make things uncomfortable. Then people get pissed when Joe goes and moves to a rich neighborhood where he doesn’t have to worry about people keying his car or picking on his child because they have more money.

    I see these Occupy Wallstreet people and really I just think they are hateful, negative and angry. I really think they do not care, that their concern is just a mask they wear to make themselves look better. It is much easier to say you care and then rant and rave then actually do something. I understand that times are tough and they feel taken advantage of, but why take to the streets and be hateful? So many of them are violent, they hide it but I feel their hatred even when they talk about “love” and “peace” and “sharing”. They glare nastily at people that are dressed well or have nice cars, not knowing that those people may even sympathize with them. Why not be positive? I just know that something always comes out of positivity and ingenuity, but not much comes out of ranting and raving.

    Why do people look at money like it’s a bad thing. Everyone wants to “go back to nature” or “consume less”. That is code for-“I want to limit myself and everyone else better limit themselves too, lest I get jealous”. Oh you may say, “No, they just want the rich to be fair and give a little back, they want their lives to have meaning beyond the value of a dollar”. Wrong. It’s like, wow, you all are just figuring that money isn’t everything, huh? That why you’re suddenly so pissed? It doesn’t matter if the rich pay their taxes and stop monopolizing…there will always be people that make more money and most people will always be jealous of them.

    I believe that it is those will less money that create the snobbery the rich have for those with less. Because as soon as wealthy people let their guard down and treat others as equal it is always those with less money that make the gap in income known.

    If I see someone with a nice car or nice house or hot wife, even if I don’t LIKE those people, I am GLAD for them. And I know that material things are not the most important…I know that love is the most important of all. But it seems to me that most people don’t care about love, even when they say they do. It seems that the only people I’ve met that really understand love are those that do not put limits on themselves and that HAVE material things, wealth, because they love themselves!!! They have no time to whine or be jealous, they love themselves and they know the time is now.Everyone blames the wealthy and the wars for our economy, and while that may be true to some extent, I think it is mostly just a self fulfilling prophecy. People LIMIT themselves.

    My question is…are the wealthy or uppermiddle class really so terrible to make all of this money, are they mostly “new” souls(I personally think that is bunch of crap.)? And am I a jerk for thinking that it is the fault of those with less that they have less to begin with? The reason I ask is because I DO care but am tired of all of the negativity around me and people trying to limit me whenever I strive for the best.

    Thank you

  2. Peace Seeker July 13, 2013 at 10:12 pm - Reply

    I live my life in a constant state of fear especially at work. It’s next to impossible for me to stand up for myself which leaves me open to being treated with disrespect by those who perceive me as weak. Everyday I go to work feeling hated and ostracized (not just a feeling, it’s reality). I envision myself running for cover with my arms up over my head for protection. As a result, I am filled with rage and self hatred because I too see myself as weak!!! Can you give me a clear, straight forward explanation as to why things are this way and if the therapist I’ve been seeing for more years than I care to divulge, is able to help me with this issue. Or, can you please give me some advise on what I need to do to change my situation before I end up doing something as drastic as quitting my job.
    Thankyou, I appreciate your assistance very much!!

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