Nichole says she’s growing and expanding so fast. She says, “Sometimes others around me, think I’m nuts, but I know what I know and recognize as truth. The more I honor this recognition, the more it blesses me with more truth, and creates experiences, situations and meetings that are perfect for my journey. I feel that we, as a global race of human beings, are experiencing an evolution of consciousness. Am I way off here? Should i see a psychologist or embrace it and move forward?”

Blessed one, when you chose to move forward and open the door, of course it would it all come rushing through forward like this. And it is very true. Just give yourself time. Take deep breaths. Allow the information to flow through you and resonate within you. And your truth will be very, very clear to you.

It is a time of communication with many. But there are many that will not be able to communicate in this way, nor will they desire to. So don’t forget all forms of communication are important at this time. You are not crazy. You are in fact very in tune. In fact you perhaps could help a psychiatrist if you went to help them. But for yourself—just be in that that you are. You are doing very well.

Thank you. And what about this global evolution of consciousness?

Yes, it has been spoken about to you by many. It is the overturn of souls, or the correction of an imbalance that had occurred. It takes some time. You’ve seen it in history many times and even before your time of written history. Times when things would get out of balance. And it takes some shifting–there were often wars and all sorts of things at these times—to correct, to move forward, to evolve. It is truth.

So we are in the process of doing that?