A difficulty between two sisters

N asks about a misunderstanding with her sister in France about an invitation to stay in her condo.  The issue is over payment and they are threatening to take her to court.  She is worried about money and feels hurt by her sister and her sister’s husband’s actions.  She asks: Why has it been so hard for me financially?  And what do I need to learn from this situation?

The guide’s response:

Blessed, blessed one, know that you are a wonderful being with a wonderful path. If this communication could only just have been between your sister an you, this misunderstanding would never have occurred.  The one who intruded upon this relationship has soured it somewhat, shall I say created a difficulty.  Speak with your sister and speak from your heart.  Why you’ve had financial difficulties is because you believed that you will always have a need.  You have a great purpose and shall fulfill it.  You will have the financial ability.  You have many talents in your world and you will always be able to create money.

When a disagreement happens in a family, it is often outside interference that causes the greatest difficulty.  Those from outside of the family do not have the same knowledge or understanding of the truth.  Speak to your sister from your heart and trust gentle one, trust.



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