A difficult move for her mother

Jennifer asks about her mother who is moving from an apartment into a care facility. Jennifer says, “She is very confused and distrustful due to her dementia. This will be very hard for myself and my sisters. They tend to be “bossy types” where I tend to be the opposite. I would like mom to be involved in the process of the move, but she is very difficult to engage in this kind of conversation. I know these difficult situations are there for great opportunities for learning, growth and love. I will keep this intention open and move forward with kindness.


Dearest one, communication, even if it is bossy is good. You must all come together to talk of this. You must all realize that your paths are very important. That you must do what you need to do and that your mother be cared for in a way that is comforting to each of you.

Many of you have dreams that are yours, not your mother’s. Speak openly that you all can commune with this decision and understand its purpose is to help all beings grow. They are not bossy, they are fearful. They fear their own loss of ability to care for themselves. You see it as a joy in some way dear, not that it is not even near time for you to even consider such a thing. Bless you my child, for you have always been a peacemaker, you have always wanted to help others.

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