A conversation with a high guide about viruses, women and spirit learning


I would like to talk about viruses. Some people have a theory that viruses are aliens. Is that true?

Yes and no. They are alien to your planet but they are not alien to the whole sphere of things that be. They are of a different energy, it is true. But they do have purpose in your physical world. Their structures are very different but you shall in time be glad of them. It will be some time yet. There are many that fear them but you should not fear anything.

So do they have a consciousness?

Different energy. Conscious thought does not dwell within all creatures. But there is thought and there is purpose and knowing, yes, within them.

How do you have knowing without consciousness, you ask? The whole structure of these things is very different. It isn’t choice, it is act and react, survival.

More like a plant maybe?

Oh, not as evolved as a plant.

I think I have quite a lot of viruses in my system right now.

One, they multiply and the toxins they release are what your body reacts to. And your immune system over-reacts and it’s like you have something like an allergic reaction. Drink plenty of fluids. Help your body to release it. Greens are very important at this time.

It’s interesting that this affected me so much and my husband had a little discomfort for half a day.

You are more tired than him. You have done a great deal of adjusting. It’s a time of year for you to be open. It is all part of who you are. Never judge. No being is alike. You are all unique and beautiful. His immune system is very, very strong.

It often seems that as we have the change of seasons, this kind of thing occurs.

It is because women, those in the female body, are used to rhythms and seasons. There is the moon, the planets that surround the earth or other earths, and they have always affected the breath-giving creatures. For when there is time and the passage of growth within, these beings will always be affected by seasons, by changes in the environment.

When you carry the ability to create life you are attuned to all things. It is thought that when your menses ends you no longer have these. It is not true. Your system still sheds every 28 or 29 of your moon days. It will always happen in the female form, before and even after.

You are an amazing creature. The physical form and your spirit form together, this amazing marriage of life and love … and growth. If you were to sit and truly understand every element that you have learned in one path, one life experience, you might think it is unbelievable. But it measures up to a small amount in your spirit. It is what time in this physical world gives you: an understanding of greatness when it is small. But the wonder is what is so amazing and concentrated. Well I believe you have seen this in those microchips you have now in your world. That so much can be contained in something so small; it is a symbol of your spirit learning.

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  1. Angela September 25, 2014 at 8:32 pm - Reply


    There is one man I am truly deeply connected with, especially through music. He has always felt like a teacher, but the energy was so strong between us that we were too confused to get into a relationship and finally life seperated us.

    I did get together with another man with whom I went through a lot of hardship and trouble. I always rhought love will eventually grow but our relationship to me still feels more like work and obligation allthough we are good friends and I strongly care for him and his wellbeing.
    It always felt more like friendship…

    Why did life guide me to his side instead being with the one I felt so much love for?

    Thank you.

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